Sunday, November 15, 2015

Amcorp mall trade centre indoor parking rate

15 minutes passing through
Monday - Friday
First 3 hours: RM3
Every subsequent hour: RM2
Per entry after 6pm: RM3

Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday per entry: RM3

Motorbike per entry: RM0.50
Lost ticket: RM50

IOI City Mall Putrajaya parking rate

First 3 hours: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM1

First 3 hours: RM4
Subsequent hour: RM1

Free parking for first 15 minutes
Lost ticket: RM30

Premier Parking
First 3 hours: RM10
Subsequent hour: RM2

First 3 hours: RM15
Subsequent hour: RM2

Lost ticket: RM50

Motorcycle Parking
RM1 weekday; RM2 weekend

Thursday, October 22, 2015

KLCC Multi-level parking, cheap weekday parking near KLCC

Cheap parking near KLCC if you are to attend events in KLCC for long hours during weekday, please arrive before 9am and leave after 4pm to qualify for per entry rate of RM12

Monday - Friday:
first hour: RM3
subsequent hour: RM3
early bird, reach before 9am, leave after 4pm : RM12 per entry

1st to 3rd hour: RM3
subsequent hour: RM2
Maximum rate: RM10
Lost ticket: RM50
Season card: RM250

location of this parking lot: KLCC website

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh Car Park Rate

6am - 6pm:
First hour: RM1
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum: RM5

6pm - 6am:
Per entry: RM2

Lost ticket: RM50

Setiawalk Puchong Parking Car Rate

Monday - Friday:
First 3 hours: RM1
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum rate per day: RM3

Saturday - Sunday:
First 3 hours: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum rate per day: RM4

Lost ticket: RM50

Publika Car park parking fee/rate

Monday - Sunday:
RM1 first hour
RM1 2nd hour
RM2 subsequent hour, seems like they don't want to stay here long

Maximum rate:
Monday - Friday: RM20
Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday: RM10

Early bird:
Arrive 5am - 9am for basement parking in level 6&7: RM13 per entry

Overnight parking charge: RM30 per 24 hours
Lost ticket: RM60

First 15 minutes: FOC

Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana

First hour: RM1.50
Subsequent hour: RM2

cheap per entry rate below, cheaper than Empire damansara parking rate, can consider to park here if you going empire damansara during off peak hours below:
Monday - Saturday, 5pm onwards: RM2 per entry
Sunday & Public holiday: RM2 per entry

Lost ticket: RM50