Thursday, September 9, 2010

Solaris Dutamas Parking Rate

Update 1 June 2017
Daily including public holiday: RM2 per hour

Maximum per day - Monday - Friday: RM20
Maximum per day - Saturday/Sunday/public holiday: RM5

Early bird rate, from 5am till 8:59am, only in basement 6&7 - Monday - Friday: RM 13

Overnight: RM30

Parking Fee
Monday-Sunday: RM1 first 3 hours

maximum daily charge: RM2

RM20 for 24 hours

Lost ticket: RM30

Penalty for release Clamp: RM100

Parking rate is very cheap. There are lots of food establishment in Solaris Dutamas: including Nathalie Gourmet Studio, China Wok, Pappa Rich, Edo Ichi Japanese etc

Jaya One Parking Rate

First 2 hours: RM2
Subsequent Hour: RM1.50

Monday-Friday(after 6pm): RM2 per entry
Saturday(after 1pm): RM2 per entry
Sunday and Public Holiday: RM2 per entry

Lost Ticket: RM50