Sunday, May 22, 2016

One Mont Kiara Mall Parking Rates

Grace period: 15 minutes
Monday - Friday:
6am - 6pm: RM2 every hour
6pm - 3am: RM4 per entry
3am - 6am: RM20 per entry!!!

Saturday/Sunday, Public Holiday:
6am - 3am: RM4 per entry
3am - 6am: RM20 per entry!!!

Lost ticket penalty: RM50

Clamping penalty: RM100

Season Parking - random: RM220
Season Parking - reserved parking, RM300P

Sunway Giza Car Parking Rate, Kota Damansara

Sunday - Wednesday, including public holiday:
First 3 hour: RM1
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum per day: RM12

Thursday - Saturday:
6am - 5:59pm:
First 3 hour: RM1
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum per day: RM12
6pm - 5:59am:
First 3 hour: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum per day: RM12

Lost ticket: RM20

PJ Hilton Parking Rate, Petaling Jaya

First half hour: RM6
Subsequent half hour: RM6
Maximum rate: RM18

If you can a per entry seminar rate, it is RM3

Jan-2017 Update: Based on comment below, it is now RM7 for half hour!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Taman Jaya Parking, near Amcorp mall lake, open air

Parking mall in Amcorp mall is really expensive, whether inside amcorp mall, or directly outside the mall.

This is a cheap open air car park, only 60 cent per hour, and maximum RM5 per day!
Monday - Friday: 8am - 6:30pm: RM0.60 per hour, or maximum RM5 per day
Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday: Free

Friday, January 29, 2016

Verve Shops Parking Fee in Car Park

First hour: RM1
Subsequent hour: RM1
Lost ticket: RM50

This is where the new Mont Kiara Jaya Grocer located, also a popular restaurant called B-Lab. No free parking for those shopping in Jaya Grocer, but the parking fee is quite cheap, so no complains.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nu Sentral Car Parking Fee Rate

First hour: RM4
Subsequent hour: RM2
Additional for exit after 6pm - 5.59am: RM4
Flat rate for 6pm - 6am: RM4

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday: RM4 per entry
Lost ticket: RM50

This is cheaper than KL Sentral parking. also cheaper than Sooka Sentral
For Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday, you can park in Nu Sentral or Sooka Sentral for RM4 per entry, cheap!

The School Jaya One Parking Rate

First 2 hours: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM1.50
Monday - Friday, after 6pm: RM2 per entry
Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday: RM2 per entry!! so cheap!
Lost ticket: RM100

The seems seems to be cheap, same as other jaya one parking building

Amcorp Mall Open air car park parking rate

First 2 hours: RM5
Subsequent hour: RM4
Maximum per day: RM12

Quite expensive although is is cheaper than parking inside amcorp mall which is without maximum cap

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mutiara Complex parking rate, Jalan Ipoh

Mutiara Kompleks, Jalan Ipoh,
expensive parking rate!!! the rate used to be so much cheaper
1st hour: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM3
Maximum per day, after <11pm -="" 7am=""> RM3

IOI City Mall, Putrajaya parking rate in car park

First 3 hours: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM1

First 3 hours: RM4
Subsequent hour: RM1

Free parking for 15 minutes
Lost ticket penalty: RM30

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mitsu Outlet Park, KLIA Sepang

Mitsu Outlet Park MOP car park parking charge / fee
1st hour: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM2
Lost ticket: RM50

Not exactly cheap parking

KLIA International Airport Parking Charge Fee

Bayaran caj parkir di STCP, MTB KLIA

1st hour: RM4
2nd hour: RM4
3rd hour: RM4

4th: RM3
5th: RM3

6th: RM2.50
7th: RM2.50
8th: RM2.50
9th: RM2.50

10th: RM2
11th: RM2
12th: RM2
13th: RM2
14th: RM2
15th: RM2
16th: RM2
17th: RM2
18th: RM2

19th - 24th hour: no charge

adding up together, each day is RM46, no maximum cap, ie 7 days will be RM46 x 7 = RM322

Lost chip coin = RM50, cheaper if just loose the chip?!
Clamping charge: RM50

Refer to Journey of Capricorn where the blogger mention Block A fof KLIA has cheaper rate for long term parking