Thursday, January 7, 2016

KLIA International Airport Parking Charge Fee

Bayaran caj parkir di STCP, MTB KLIA

1st hour: RM4
2nd hour: RM4
3rd hour: RM4

4th: RM3
5th: RM3

6th: RM2.50
7th: RM2.50
8th: RM2.50
9th: RM2.50

10th: RM2
11th: RM2
12th: RM2
13th: RM2
14th: RM2
15th: RM2
16th: RM2
17th: RM2
18th: RM2

19th - 24th hour: no charge

adding up together, each day is RM46, no maximum cap, ie 7 days will be RM46 x 7 = RM322

Lost chip coin = RM50, cheaper if just loose the chip?!
Clamping charge: RM50

Refer to Journey of Capricorn where the blogger mention Block A fof KLIA has cheaper rate for long term parking

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