Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wisma MCA Car Park Fee

Wisma MCA
Monday - Friday:
half hour: RM1.50
Subquent half hour: RM1.50
Each subsequent hour: RM3
5:01pm - 6am: RM5 per entry, very good rate if you need to be in city 5pm onwards

Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday: RM5 per entry, quite good rate as well, although Wisma Atlan is cheaper at RM3 per entry, and Wisma Central is closer to KLCC and RM5 per entry for sunday and Public holiday

Lost ticket: RM50

Wisma Central Car Parking Rates, next to KLCC

Extremely expensive rate, Wisma Central is next to KLCC
half hour: RM3
subsequent half hour: RM3
After 7pm: RM5 per entry flat rate
Sunday or Public holiday: RM5 per entry flat rate -- VERY CHEAP Sunday and public holiday rate though
Maximum per dayL RM20
Lost ticket: RM50
First 15 minutes is Free

Menara Atlan Kadar Bayaran Car Park Rate

This is a cheap car park rate if you are going KLCC and don't mind a short walk to KLCC
1st 15 minutes FREE
Satuday, Sunday and public holiday: RM3 per entry!!!

6am-9am: RM1
1st hour: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM2.50
6pm-subsequent day 6am: RM3 per entry

If you are going KLCC on Satuday, Sunday and public holiday, this is cheap place to park your car
Weekday after 6pm is also cheap at RM3 per entry

Sunway Putra Shopping Mall Car Parking rate

1st hour: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum per entry: RM25
Lost ticket: RM50

Motorcycle parking: RM2 per entry per day

Quite expensive hourly rate for this part of the city!

Oasis Square, Ara Damansara Car Parking Rate

Oasis Square:
First hour FREE!!
Subsequent hour: RM1
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday: RM1 per entry
Maximum - more than 12 hours per day: RM10
Lost ticket: RM30

Desa Park City Car Parking Rate

Desa ParkCity car parking rate fee
Monday - Fridays: 1st 2 hours: RM1.50
Subsequent hour: RM1.50

Weekends - Saturdays & Sundays & Public holiday:
1st 2 hours: RM2.50
Subsequent hour: RM1.50

Lost ticket: RM30