Monday, August 10, 2015

Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara Car Park Charges

Free 3 hours parking with minimum RM5 spending in Tesco.
First hour: RM2
subsequent hour: RM2
Lost ticket: RM30

really expensive! if you are spending more than 3 hours around the area and not making any purchase in Tesco.

For parking in Mutiara Damansara, below my preference in order:
1) Ikea
2) The Curve Shopping Mall
3) Ikano power centre

The Curve shopping mall car park rate

Monday - Friday: 
1st 4 hours: RM2
every subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum per day: RM7

Saturday, Sunday, public holiday
1st 4 hours: RM3
every subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum per day: RM8

Lost ticket: RM25

Ikano Power Centre Car Park Charges

Monday - Friday:
first 3 hours: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum: RM7

Public holiday, Weekend-Saturday & Sunday:
first 3 hours: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum: RM7

Free 3 hours parking for ikea customers upon parking coin validation in ikea checkout counter, revalidation required in autopay station.

For what i can see from other website, the parking rate is same with ikea since they sharing same parking lot area.

quite cheap to park in Ikano

Jaya 33 Parking Rate

Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm
first hour: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM3
Maximum charge-24 hours: RM39

Below info gotten from other website:
Monday - Friday 6pm - 6am: RM3 per entry
Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday: RM10 per entry

quite expensive