Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mid Valley Shopping Center parking rate

Update 1 November 2010: Rate increased/revised as below
First 3 hours: RM2
Subsequent hour: RM1

Weekend/Public Holiday:
First 3 hours: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM1

Getting so expensive, there is no maximum rate per day meaning it can get more than RM10 depending on the number of hours you park inside mid-valley parking

Premier car park rate below:
First 3 hours: RM5
Subsequent hour: RM2

Weekend/Public Holiday:
First 3 hours: RM7
Subsequent hour: RM2

Zone A, B & C (7am - 12 midnight)
Weekdays: First 3 hours RM1
Subsequent hour RM1
Maximum charge: RM7
Weekend/Public Holiday: First 3 hour RM3
Subsequent hour: RM1
Maximum Charge RM9

Zone A, B & C (12 midnight - 7am)
per entry: RM1

Do note parking in The Gardens Shopping Center's "Premier" is more expensive.

1 comment:

  1. midvally city parking fee very expensive .

    The parking fee is 7 ringgit perday .
    sometime very difficult to find a parking there .
    i hate that .
    please adjust the parking fee ..