Saturday, May 23, 2009

Central Plaza parking rate, behind Pavillion shopping centre

Update (20 Jan 2011)
1st hour: RM3.50
Subsequent hour: RM2.50

Per entry: RM6

Sunday and public holiday
per entry: RM6

Central Plaza, just behind Pavillion Plaza(next to Standard Chartered building)
Parking rate:
7am-6pm: first hour RM3, subsequent hour RM2
After 6pm: RM3 !!!! (so cheap)

lost ticket: RM25
Motorcycle: RM1

If you are going to Pavillion shopping center after 6pm WEEKDAY, this is the cheapest place to park your car, only RM3(per entry), as comparable to Pavillion after 6pm rate at RM6, and Standard Chartered after 6pm rate at RM3.50

However, if you are going Pavillion on WEEKEND(Saturday after 1pm, or Sunday), Menara Standard Chartered building offer the best rate at RM3.50 per entry!!


  1. Hi Vivien,

    Just wanna seek advise fr u about the parking at Central Plaza. Seems like u got 2 different rates. Is it RM 3 after 6pm or RM 6 after 6pm?!!

    Just one more thing about safety concern of the parking there. If compare to the Standard Chartered Bank parking, which one is more preferable?

    Thanks ~!!

  2. Hi Supreme,

    Better park in Standard Chartered, in terms of safety and pricing(for weekend)

    Central Plaza have increased their price to RM6 per entry(weekend)