Saturday, June 20, 2009

KLCC/Petronas Twin Tower Parking Fee Parking Rate

First hour: RM3 RM5
2nd hour: RM2.50 RM3
3rd hour: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM4

Special Rate(Mon-Fri after 5pm)
Maximum after 5pm: RM8 RM11

Sunday/Public Holiday/Saturday after 12 noon:
First 3 hours: RM4 RM5
Subsequent hour: RM2.50 RM4

Motorcycle: RM2 per entry

Lost ticket: RM50 RM100

expensive parking fee, best rate for parking if you going KLCC is probably MNI tower RM2(after 5pm). And if you don't mind walking a short distance(underground from Avenue K to KLCC), the charge is RM3 first hour, and subsequent hour RM1(Avenue K building)


  1. one of the most expensive places to park. that day i was there for ard half day and need to pay RM27 for it. my eyeballs nearly dropped on the floor

  2. Special Rate(Mon-Fri after 5pm)
    First hour: RM3
    Subsequent hour: RM2.50
    Maximum per day: RM8 << this should not wrote as per day, should wrote as the maximum charge after 5pm entry~~~ you will make people miss understanding~~~

  3. Hi! First of all - great site.
    I've parked at the Lembaga Getah for Rm5. I found a space outside, in front of the building. so i feel a bit safe bcos I was planning to go home late. But it was on a sunday evening mind you. What I want to know now is if it's still rm5 for weekends and is it easy to find a space during the day.