Sunday, August 2, 2009

KL Convention Centre Car Park Fee

Parking rate in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

First hour: RM3
subsequent hour: 2.50
7pm - 10pm: RM7 per entry
10pm - 6am: RM4 per entry
lost ticket: RM50

slightly cheaper than Suria KLCC (Shopping Mall) rate, but still expensive.


  1. Very expensive...even the outdoor parking is also expensive.

  2. The outdoor parking at KLCC Convention center costs RM7 per entry. Starting 17 Jan 2011, it will cost RM8 if you enter b4 9am and leave after 4pm. In between, you will pay according to the hour.

  3. Please also not that they used to have early bird for the indoor of RM15 . But come 1st of March, it will not be any more early bird parking rates!